How to change my password ??

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Sergoar Bahrain
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How to change my password ??

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How do I change my password?
Can I create a new username and password?
Please tell me.
Thank you.

Есть кто из модераторов, нужна ваша помощь в изменении моего пароля?
Может мне создать новый логин и пароль?
Нужна Ваша помощь.
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Decker Great Britain
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Re: How to change my password ??

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You can't change your username yourself, you need to ask for that to be done for you, but your password can be changed easily.

Click on your username at the top right and click on 'user control panel', in there is an option to change your password under 'profile' and 'edit account settings'.
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