The Rules - You Knew There Had To Be Some!

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The Rules - You Knew There Had To Be Some!

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In progress, but until completed, play nice :D

1. No hyper links to sites with bad reputation ratings, shouldn't have to say this but due to a recent sign ups it seems we do!

2. English language only please, free to use online translations are okay but all posts need to be in English or will be removed and a warning or ban issued.

3. Use the search function, the number of repeated posts for the same reason is silly. If you wonder why your post doesn't appear as a new member it's because your moderated to start and when you've made 5 acceptable posts your posts will automatically be public.

4. We don't monetise the forums, any offers of payment to promote anything what so ever will be refused, if you have a good cause just contribute and make your signature in your profile help you, all signatures will be checked so make sure you don't go too far or advertise inappropriate goods or services, be respectful.

5. Use the search function, it's simple and saves repeated posts.

6. New members are moderated for the first few posts so if you don't see your post immediately that is probably why, just allow time for the team to view and okay your post.

7. We do NOT take any form of advertising so please don't request it, we don't monetise the forums on purpose to not take any sides for any reason, any posts requesting this will simply be deleted.

8. Spamming will result in an immediate ban.

9. Don't make us make anymore rules!