The Dust Bowl - What Is It?

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The Dust Bowl - What Is It?

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Simple really, Sniper Fury isn't always running a special or exotic event or anything out of the ordinary everyday grind.

We don't want the forums abandoned from one event to the next so here is a place (away from 'General Chat as that is for SF specific chat) that you can just dump any old thing, what have you been doing today, here's a funny thing I saw or heard, great offer on widget at .....

You get the idea, forums are meant to be communities, not just a few people giving hints or info, that would be a blog :mrgreen: just start your own topic.

So have fun but remember the basic rules - play nice, no abuse, illegal, hurtful or otherwise nasty content - and definitely no random spamming!

if you personally have your own site then it's okay to leave a link (and a reason why your leaving it) or if you provide a service online (but be prepared to have it taken down if we think it is spam, and get a warning on your account) a link to your service is okay, but please try and have posted elsewhere first.
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